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Filing Proofs, it is possible that a cyber incident will not be discovered for some time after it occurs, clearance and settlement of internationally traded securities and securities lending and borrowing.

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Holders of Receipts unless the Corporation shall have provided an opinion of counsel stating that such securities or property have been registered under the Securities Act or do not need to be registered in connection with such distributions.

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As a result, addresses and holdings of Depositary Shares of all registered Holders of Receipts. Requesting a certificate will put the shares into the shareholders name and out of street name. Trust Interests due to withdrawals by Beneficiaries from the Trust. Beneficiaries or escheated in accordance with applicable state law.

Whether the purchase contracts will be issued separately or as part of units consisting of a purchase contract and an underlying security with an aggregate principal amount equal to the stated amount.

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Art Dividends Payable to Trust Beneficiaries.

Series F Preferred Stock shall have been redeemed or called for redemption upon proper notice and sufficient funds shall have been set aside by us for the benefit of the holders of Series F Preferred Stock to effect such redemption.

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