Tarot Reading on COVID-19

General query on the Coronavirus using the seven card horseshoe spread.

After six cards were picked from a Thoth tarot deck that was spread out horizontally and face down it was noted that the only card that was face up was the Death card. Not wanting to skew the result with the decision of picking it up or ignoring it, I placed it back into the pack, reshuffled, then spread the remaining cards out again in order to pick out an unbiased final card. Despite this, I think the appearance of this card in this way was rather synchronistic considering the subject matter.


  1. 3 of Swords. Saturn in Libra. Sorrow.
  2. 7 of Disks. Saturn in Taurus. Failure
  3. Ace of Cups.
  4. 8 of Cups. Saturn in Pisces. Indolence.
  5. 5 of Wands. Saturn in Leo. Strife.
  6. 6 of Disks. Luna in Taurus. Success.
  7. The Sun.

It doesn’t take an expert to spot the negativity apparent in this reading. Of the five small cards featuring the planet Saturn, only the 10 of Wands, Oppression, failed to make an appearance.

The first card, representing either the past or the first point being raised by the cards, is represented by Saturn in the sign of Libra and the Saturnian Sephira of Binah. Human grief and the after effects of suffering are clearly portrayed. The traditional astrological nature of the card’s Zodiacal decan, being the second of Libra, is a force that represents a hatred of evil. With Libra being seen the sign of justice and balance, and with the equilibrating force of nature coming under the influence of Libra’s ruler, Venus, and with Saturn representing old age and death, there is a symbolic connection to the destructive aspect of nature acting as the agent of sorrow apparent here.  

Representing the present moment is the 7 of Disks, where Saturn is once again the guest in the domain of Venus, though her nature here is that of natural effects and the ownership of possessions. Saturn’s role can be seen as akin to the negative force of nature in the form of old age, barrenness and death in the heart of spring, or perhaps a winter that lasted too long, leading to financial and physical hardship and the loss of wealth and possessions.

The Ace of Cups in the future placement suggests a positive turn of events in what appears to be a bleak present. It symbolises nature in the form of the feminine symbols of the lotus and the water of life and is derivative from the Moon, which is traditionally represented by nature goddesses such as Artemis and Diana and so can be seen as the completion of a natural cycle in its due course. In the context of a viral pandemic, that assumably means its waning back into obscurity.

The situation of the Coronavirus itself is summarised in the form of another Saturnian card, this time that of Saturn in Pisces, representing Indolence, or the failure to take proper action at the correct moment. This suggests that doing nothing is not an option and where we currently are is the result of a failure to act in an effective way. Mixed with the element of Water Saturn becomes a force of invasive sluggishness that bogs down the progression of natural and emotive cycles apparent in the Ace of Cups. Saturn’s force is truly pervasive at the moment, perhaps due to his approaching the end of his earthy domecile of Capricorn as he prepares to enter his more transformative and humanitarian domecile of Aquarius on 22nd March. Saturn’s movement from one sign to another on the cusp of winter and spring may be producing a last capricious act as he departs his more heartless abode for his more progressive one. Being a Saturnian arrangement, there is not likely to be a speedy outcome in this resolution. I will hazard a guess and say that the crisis will not be significantly diverted until Saturn has reached 5º Aquarius, where it will have shaken off its old energies more effectively, which, due to an upcoming period of retrograde motion (signifying a setback after an initial period of slow improvement), will not happen until January 29th 2021.

The External Factor in this reading was represented by the Five of Swords, which crosses the malefic energies of Mars and Saturn with the fiery and virile force of Leo. Such a combination would produce an effective and malignant power that has the capability of causing a lot of trouble. Yet here, for the first time, the energies of the Sun, the ruler of Leo, are brought into the equation, for the King of the Planets has the ultimate influence over each of the planets, even though they occasionally and temporarily bring him woe.

Representing ‘Hopes and Fears’ comes a more positive card, the 6 of Disks. Here, the Moon is in her exaltation in Taurus, representing the restoration of the natural order, while the Solar nature of the ‘6’ suggesting glimpses of hope appearing after times of darkness and difficulty.

Confirming the solar nature hinted at in the 6 of Disks is The Sun as the card symbolising the Final Outcome. Generally representing principles of hope and triumph, the appearance of the Sun, the rays of which provably destroy aggressive viruses, suggest that the strengthening of the Sun will signify the main turning point of the current crisis, though the Saturnian elements involved will not make this an overnight thing. While it’s notable that The Sun signifies recovery from illness in divinatory readings, it’s important to remember that it can occasionally signify sudden death.

Overall, the diagnosis is poor in the short term with a slow growth towards improvement in the summer months. This pretty much verifies what most of us currently guess to be the case, so while no great mysteries are revealed by this reading, it is interesting to note the synchronistic nature reflected in both the cards and the current zodiacal transit of Saturn, which was at the mystical 29º at the time of this reading, This position, known as the anaretic degree, is one in which a planet displays a final burst of violent energy before it shifts into the next sign.

However, with Saturn going retrograde on May 22nd, there may either be another, if slower, resurgence of the virus after what appeared to be a gradual improvement, or there may be some very Aquarian difficulties and instabilities with matters such as social order. These may remain in effect until Saturn returns to direct motion (September 29th at 25º Capricorn), and will improve again once he returns to Aquarius (December 17th), with his reaching 5º Aquarius on and immediately after January 29th signifying the conclusion of the most immediate issues.

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