Samhara Bhairava


I meditate on Bhairava the Destroyer, Who is with Chandika Shakthi,
Who has ten hands, three eyes and a snake as a sacred thread,
Who has protruding teeth,
A fearful look and grants eight types of wealth,
Who is nude, a youth and rides on a dog,
Who holds trident, drum, conch, mace and wheel in his hands,
Who holds sword, vessel, Gadwangam, rope and goad.
And who has fearful looks, wears a skull garland and is greatly exuberant.

Samhara Bhairava is Bhairava the Destroyer. He dissolves all negative past karmas, grants wealth and is associated with the Northeast. He is the colour of lightning, rides a dog and is associated with Mercury and the Nakshatras Ashlesa, Jyeshtha and Revati, which begin at 16º 40 Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac. His mantra should be repeated 9, 21, 108 or 1008 times, and is as follows:

“Om Namo Bhagavate Samhara Bhairavaye Bhuta Preta Pisaca Brahma Raksasan Uccataya Samharaya Samharaya Sarva Bhaya Chedanam Kuru Kuru Svaha.”

The eight manifestations of this aspect of Bhairava, with translations of their names, are:

Saṃhāra – Annihilation
Atiriktāṅga – Having Excessive Limbs
Kālāgni – The Fire that Destroys Time
Priyaṅkara – Attracting Love or Regard
Ghoranāda – Bellowing
Viśālākṣa – Large-Eyed
Yogīśa – Lord of Union
Dakṣasaṃsthita – Stilling the Mind

His consort is the Matrika Chandika, a powerful, terrifying goddess who is a form of Durga and represents the manifestation of all divine power. She hates evildoers and becomes wrathful on seeing them. She comes in the form of a woman seated on a lotus with a vermilion and coral complexion and eighteen arms bearing a string of beads, a battle axe, a mace, an arrow, a thunderbolt, a lotus, a bow, a water-pot, a cudgel, a lance, a sword, a shield, a conch, a bell, a wine-cup, a trident, a noose and a discus. She assists with the overcoming of Anger, and her mantra is:

“Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche.”

This resolves all problems, relaxes the mind, promotes harmonious relationships, eliminates fear and protects from enemies.


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