Unmattha Bhairava


I salute that mad Bhairava who is the power called Varahi,
Who has three eyes, blesses, is peaceful, young and nude,
Who is white in colour, a great God and rides on a swan,
And holds sword, skull, pestle and shield.

Unmattha Bhairava is the Bhairava Who is Mad. He is white in colour and controls the negative ego, helps control speech, rules the West, rides a horse and is associated with Saturn and the Nakshatras Pushya, Anuradha and Uttarabhadrapada. Each of his mansions begin at 3º 20 Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac. His mantra should be repeated 9, 21, 108 or 1008 times, and is as follows:

“Om Hreem Vaaraahi Samethaya Maha Unmattha Bhairavaya Hreem Om Swaaha.”

The eight manifestations of this aspect of Bhairava, with translations of their names, are:

Unmattha – Mad, intoxicated
Vaṭukanāyaka – Lord of Celibates
Śaṅkara – Fearful
Bhūtavetāla – Ghoul, Vampire
Triṇetra – One who guides to Liberation
Tripurāntaka – Destroyer of the Three Cities of the Demons
Varada – Propitious
Parvatāvāsa – Mountain Dweller

His consort is the Matrika Varahi. She helps one overcome Pride and Arrogance, comes in the form of a woman with a pot belly, full breasts and a sow’s face, or as a boar, and wields a discus and a sword. She becomes drunk on the blood of her victims and is worshipped by the left-handed means of meat, wine, fish, alcohol and ritual sex. She resides in the naval and governs the Manipura, Svadisthana and Muladhara chakras. Her Mantra is

“Om Mahishadhwajayai Vidmahe Dandahastayai Dhimahi Tanno Varahi Prachodayat.”

Prayers to her are the Varahi Anugrahashtakam, for her blessing, and Varahi Nigrahashtakam, for the destruction of enemies.

Varahi Nigrahashtakam

O goddess, Who is with a very angry face,
Since I have devotion to your lotus like feet
Anyone who thinks of troubling me, by body, words or mind,
Should become extremely sad, beaten by your very dangerous iron plough,
And should become one from whose body the soul starts to depart.

O goddess because I have lost all sins due to devotion to your lotus like feet,
He who observes dirty behaviour towards me due to cruelty
Should fill your drinking goblet by the blood of his heart,
And also please grant me all my desired objectives.

Because of meditating on you, after the great wonderful
Powers which have dawned in me,
I offer at your feet the souls of my evil enemies, which were stolen by me,
By drinking the alcohol of their constant spurt of blood,
Caused by breaking the hearts of my enemies by your fierce and upturned face
Accompanied by horrifying shouts which,
Due to your zest, emanate from you from time to time.

How can the enemies of those extremely devoted to you.
Who is black, who has lotus like feet and face,
Who wears the crescent of the moon,
Who carries with her a plough and an axe
As well the sign of terrorizing fear,
Who carries blood dripping skulls,
And who has the face of a wild boar,
Live for at least a few seconds?

Victory to you, Mother, who is
The darling of the lord of the universe,
Who controls the lives of all beings,
Who also exists as the killer of all beings,
Who controls the span of life of all men
And who grants suitable rewards for actions performed.
I request you, O Goddess, that the life span of my enemies,
Should be as long as I desire, based on your orders.

O mother, as I am a fool, I am not capable of
Properly worshipping you at any time,
Still having received the blessings of my guru,
I pray that anyone who wishes bad things for me,
Should go to hell as he is my enemy,
And also pray that all the fame should come to me,
As I am a great devotee of yours.

O Varahi, I who am devoted to you,
Should see my enemy with a sad mind,
Full of disappointment, very feeble and tired,
Made scared by the servants of god of death,
Full of all miseries and liabilities,
Surrounded by crying relatives,
And only contributing blemishes to his family.

O Varahi, Because of the fact that,
By your own power you have spread yourself,
In all beings and you exist as the form,
Of Soul in all beings and make them throb,
I request a favour from you,
If any one wishes any bad things on me,
Who is the devotee of your lotus like feet,
You should not live within him any further.

Varahi Anugrahashtakam

O Mother, even the great God Easwara,
Who is the director of the drama
Of the creation of Earth, is not able to
Understand your true form,
Becoming a non-Easwara,
And how can anyone be capable to writing a poem in praise of you?

O mother whose face is the entire world,
The one who sings your name,
Will never face punishment,
From the stick of the god of death,
For with very little of that song,
Would he have crossed,
The sea of daily life,
And so this is only in remembrance of your names,
And not a song of praise to you.

O goddess, because of the intensity of my thought on you,
I become inexpressibly happy and I salute you,
My hairs standing on end with happiness.
I entreat and beg of you for this wealth,
So please grant it to me and bless me.

She whose black colour is made dazzling,
By the shining gems in the crowns of
Indra, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu,
Who are worshipping her lotus feet,
May these always be reflected,
In the recesses of my mind.
O Goddess who destroys all sorrows,
I serve you with all my heart.

You who are blessed with all good things,
Has a boar for your Varaha,
Who playfully lifted the earth,
You have your head decorated by the crescent,
And you are the one who occupied the left side of Lord Shiva.

O mother who has the golden
Shining body of woman up to the neck,
Who has the head of a boar with three eyes,
And who holds in her hand the holy wheel,
The feet of those who are meditating on you,
Would be humbly saluted by all the devas.

O mother, for an ordinary man whose sins,
Have been washed away by serving you,
Even getting salvation, is not that important
For his feet would be worshipped by.
Devas, asuras, nagas and kings,
And anything in this world,
Is easily attained by him.

What is not reachable for him, when he has you in his mind?
What is not available to him, when he worships you?
What is beyond him, when you enter his mind?
Where is the defeat for him who offers a prayer to you?


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