Krodha Bhairava


I salute the Angry Bhairava,
Who is the colour of smoke and a great God,
Who has three eyes, blesses, is peaceful, young and nude,
Who is armed with mace, conch, wheel, rope and vessel,
Who is near Goddess Lakshmi riding on Garuda the eagle.

Krodha Bhairava is the Bhairava who is Angry. He is he colour of smoke and has the power to aid one take huge and decisive action, rules the South West, rides an Eagle and is associated with Luna and the Nakshatras Rohini, Hasta and Shravana, which begin at 10º of the three Earth signs in the Sidereal Zodiac. His mantra should be repeated 9, 21, 108 or 1008 times, and is as follows:

“Om Namah Krodhabhairavaya Om Hreem Namo Bhagavathe Ugraroophaaya Jwala Jwala Hoom Phat Swaahaa.”

This prevents unnecessary arguments, destroys the evil eye, promotes safe journeys and prevents accidents. His Mudra, the Krodhana Mudra, is used to manage emotions and can be practiced with the face contorted in an expression of anger which is then released to loosen the muscles. It is used to manifest raw emotion and manifest it into the self, as seen in the Vajnabhairava Initiation:

“I chortle HA-HA with my tongue curled upwards, my fangs bared, my mouth and brow wrinkled in anger, my eyelashes, eyebrows, moustache and body-hair ablaze like the Eon of Destruction and my orange hair bristling upward. I make threatening mudras at both the worldly and transcendental gods, frightening even the frightful ones, and thunder the sound PHEM like a dragon.”

The eight manifestations of this aspect of Bhairava, with translations of their names, are:

Krodha – Wrathful
Piṅgalekṣaṇa – Red-eyed
Abhrarūpa – Ugly, deformed
Dharāpāla – Guardian of the Earth
Kuṭila – Crooked
Mantranāyaka – Lord of Mantras
Rudra – Dreadful
Pitāmaha – Grandfather

His consort is the Matrika Lakshmi or Vaishnavi. She helps one overcome Delusion and is depicted seated on the Eagle Garuda and also has the power to fascinate and delude. She is seated upon a lotus, under a Raja-vriksha, the great tree. She is dark in complexion.,  has a lovely face, pretty eyes and wears a bright yellow garment. Her head is adorned with a kirita-makuta. She is richly decorated with ornaments generally worn by Vishnu, including the Vanamala garland.  When depicted with four arms, she carries in one of her hands the chakra and in the corresponding left hand the shankha; her two other hands are held in the Abhaya and the Varada mudra. Her mantra is “Oṃ Vaiṣṇavyai Namaha.”


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