The Ashta Matrikas

Ashta Matrikas.png

The Eight Matrikas have complete control over every aspect of life-force and their associations with negative manifestations of the ego such as wrath and jealousy represent their abilities of mastering such urges. Their victorious battle against the demons represents the war between the inmost Divine Self and the ego. Victory over ego and destruction of ignorance is the great battle of every sincere soul in their journey to enlightenment. On a macrocosmic level it heralds the ultimate victory of the collective divinity in achieving full awareness of the one limitless and undifferentiated consciousness.

Matrika Bhairava Aspect of the Ego Shakti of
Brahmi Asitanga Desire Brahman
Mahesvari Ruru Degeneration, dissipation Shiva
Kaumari Chanda Urge for enjoyment Murugan
Vaishnavi Krodha Delusion Vishnu
Varahi Unmattha Pride, Arrogance. Varaha
Indrani Kapala Jealousy, Envy. Indra
Chamunda Bheeshana Depravity. Desire to sin or hurt. Identifiable with Kali
Chandi Samhara Wrath Brahman (wrathful aspect)


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