Blood Moon Eclipse


‘To prevent all magic from working.’

I’ve seen a few people talking of using the blood moon eclipse and its conjunction with Mars in malefic works. This shows an ignorance of some of the finer points of astrological magic as elections designed for magical effect when a particular planet is conjunct with a Lunar Eclipse are rendered void by the restrictive, Saturnian influence of Cauda Draconis.

Put simply, the South Node—which total Lunar Eclipses are in strong conjunction with—acts as a vortex that sucks away the energies of any celestial body that comes into contact with it and makes any kind of talismanic work designed to draw upon that planet’s influence a complete waste of time. However, with the Moon representing one’s emotional self and the South Node representing past issues or karma one may be having trouble letting go of or overcoming, works designed to reflect upon one’s inner struggles and issues that are difficult to put aside would be more profitable.

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