Corvid Offerings


A pleasant synchronicity relating to the vision of a Pumpkin occurred this morning when a magpie landed at my window ledge to indulge in an offering of cake and honey I’d left there after some ongoing work with the spirit Naberius last week. The cake had been left untouched until today, so the timing of this bird appearing now, following a vision in which I flew to a window ledge in the form of a crow, is quite interesting. Also relevant, perhaps, was the appearance of a woman with equally black and white hair in the vision and the fact that Naberius, who the offering was left for, comes in the form of a crow in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

The magpie’s appearance made me jump a little as he was quite bold, peering in at me through a gap in the window as if he was thinking of inviting himself in. Once I saw him, he proceeded to rip a large chunk off the cake and fly away. About an hour later, he returned for more.

It’s a known phenomenon that corvids like to bring gifts to people who feed them, and it’s been a long-standing desire of mine to receive such a treasure. I think I’ll start leaving more stuff out for this cheeky chap with the hope of receiving something shiny he’s picked up on his travels in return.

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