On Hidden Names

The appearance of the name FOLAK (Volac) in the square used to obtain a vision of a Pumpkin presents a notable phenomenon that is consistent among the squares of the Abramelin. That phenomenon is the appearance of the names (or close approximations of them) of spirits that can be found within other Grimoires, such as the Lemegeton. Looking at the Square used to obtain the vision of A Hunting Party for instance, it can be seen that the names AGAROS, STOLAS, ZAGAN (as SAGAN) and OSE appear in plain, scattered or anagrammed form, as do those of the Elemental Kings ORIENS and ARITON and the Book of Offices spirit SESON (an alias of Purson). While these manifestations seem vague, the pattern of their appearances are consistent with those of the servitors that are professed to be associated with the squares within the texts of the Abramelin, so this is a consideration worth bearing in mind when analysing the squares. As it is evident that it is not only spirit names that appear in the squares, but also the Greek, Latin and Hebrew words that are consistent with the themes of the Squares’ powers, it should also be considered that other meaningful words may also be hidden within them. Looking at the square for the Hunting Party again, it is apparent that it also contains the letters of the word GOETIA in close proximity to each other and fittingly—considering the nature of the astral visions they induce—the letters of the word ERGOT appear in such a fashion, too, suggesting a possible shamanic and entheogenic element in this form of magic.

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