The Mysteries of the Four Kings

After the initial banishing ritual, a simple invocation of the Four Elemental Kings, Oriens, Amaymon, Paymon and Ariton or Egin—who govern the squares of the twenty-seventh chapter of the Abramelin jointly—is performed before meditating with the Square. While this is not a requirement for working with the Squares, I do this as a means to draw the Kings’ attention to the work in hand as well as pay them ongoing tribute for other works and concerns their assistance has proved vital to.

Based upon the descriptions of them that appear in the Book of Offices, Oriens, who represents dawn and the quarter of the Zodiac beginning with Aries, is called in the East and is visualised as a beautiful, flaxen-haired woman riding upon an elephant; Amaymon, who represents the sun at noon and the quarter of the Zodiac beginning with Capricorn, is called in the South and appears as a thick-haired, bearded old man riding a rampaging lion; Paymon, who represents the setting sun and the quarter of the Zodiac beginning with Libra, is called in the West and comes as a beautiful, crowned, russet-haired woman riding a Camel; and Egin, who represents the sun at midnight and the quarter of the Zodiac that begins with Cancer, is called in the North and comes as a sharp-featured man with tusks protruding from his face who wears a jewelled crown upon his head, bears two hissing serpents around his right arm and rides a great dragon.

As the diurnal sequence shows, these spirits can be incorporated into rites such as Liber Resh vel Helios at the appropriate times of day, while their Zodiacal properties gives them rulership over the four respective elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water as well as the Zodiacal and Decanate daemons associated with their assigned seasons of Spring, Winter, Autumn and Summer. Followed in chronological sequence from the Vernal Equinox in the East to the Winter Solstice in the South, the Kings also prove themselves to be in accord with the Zodiacal IHVH formula, only with the Yod and Vau of Fire and Air being represented by female principles instead of male and the two Hehs of Water and Earth being represented by male principles instead of female. This reversal hints towards the deeper alchemical truths that lie concealed within the coded mysteries of daemonic magic.

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