I. A Beautiful Lawn

Servitors: Lagasas, Helel.

The relevant servitors are determined by considering which of the 114 spirits under the joint rulership of the Elemental Kings given in Georg Dehn’s edition of the Abramelin fit into the square in their entirety. In this case, just two of those spirits could be attributed to it, with Helel’s name being present due to the repeated appearance of the letters H, E and L in the square. Lagasaf, however, was determined to be relevant due to the common scribal confusion of the letters ‘s’ and ‘f,’¹ making the alternative name ‘Lagasas’ apparent. As far as spirit names go, the suffix -as is quite common—as seen in the names of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum spirits such as Pruflas, Malphas, Halphas, Stolas, Orobas, Furcas and Amduscias—while the suffix -af is not. The linguistic origin of the word HESEB found in the outer lines of the square is likely to derived from the Biblical Hebrew עשב (eseb), signifying ‘grass’ or ‘herbage.’


After anointing the brow with Oil of Abramelin, the banishing was performed and the Four Kings called in a rudimentary fashion in their respective quarters followed by a verbal request to Lagasas and Helel to assist with the experiment. A time period of thirty minutes was then observed in a state of astral meditation with the square held in the right hand. Once completed, rough notes were taken, which were written up as follows.
The Vision

On sitting down to meditate after the banishing and invocation of the Four Kings, I formed the image of the lawn of a nearby stately home as the object of meditation. This location was visualised due to a synchronicity that occurred earlier today when a friend told me he had visited the place in question yesterday after I had recommended he visit it for a family day out a couple of weeks ago. My own visits to this house have involved me going to sit and read on its lawn on sunny days, so this was quite naturally the scene I found myself setting.

As soon as the lawn’s visual image became solid and clear, dark clouds blotted out the sun overhead. Then a strange, poisonous rain began to fall, and where it landed on the lawn, the perfect grass became blackened by a corrosive stain. In the midst of the new blot, mushrooms began to grow, and as their roots spread underground the colour of the sky around me changed to a strange mixture of orange, yellow and purple, with the air it hung in growing heavy with a deep silence. Beneath me, the mushrooms had now spread into a vast, underground network that pulled apart the stones of the earth as it grew until a large, circular fissure lay before me. Around the ledge of the chasm, a congregation of small, black-bodied spirits held hands and danced in a circle, singing a guttural chant as they did so.

As their song concluded, I rose higher into the air and saw thousands of large, black spiders pouring out of the hole in the ground, escaping into the world at large to do whatever mischief the gnome-like spirits had conjured them to do. As the spiders disappeared, I noted that the hole in the earth now had the shape of a Vesica Piscis and that the clouds that obscured the sun were now clearing. As the sun began to shine again, a rainbow formed and its end moved across the surface of the grass until it shone directly into the yoni-shaped fissure, filling its darkness with its rays. Hundreds of small, golden lights then flowed down the beams of the rainbow, healing the earth of its wound and leaving the lawn beautiful and unmarred under a red-gold sunset.

As the sun disappeared below the horizon, I noted that the grass where the rainbow had shone was covered in a beautiful, diamond-like dew which reflected the brightness of the stars above, with traces of the rainbow I had seen lingering in its light. I scooped up a handful of the dew and drank it. Noticing that it tasted like honey, I let myself fall into a passive state in which I held the form of a single, silver dewdrop in my mind. In that state, no further visualisations came, though shortly before the end of the session a voice from the depths of my mind commented that I had ‘strange friends.’

In addition to the synchronicity that occurred with my friend telling me of his visit to the house with the lawn, another synchronicity came while writing this summary of my experience up when an app I had installed yesterday delivered its daily notification to my phone. Having a feeling that I would see something significant on it, I browsed through the app—which delivers strange and curious news stories—and discovered the following article as the eleventh item down the list.³


What I found to be of subtle interest here was how alike the description of mushroom colonies are to previous thoughts I’ve had about collectives of spirits. Every distinct cap of a fungus colony is described as being in communication with the others through their rhizomorphs, through which they work towards a singular collective purpose. In the case of many of the overlapping spirits of the Grimoires, such as Furcas, Partas, Ansoryor and Anaboth, or those such as Baël, Berith and Balaam—who clearly derive from Belzebuth, the Prince of Devils, and the Baalim of the Ancient Near East—there often appears to be a single common emanatory source underpinning the names, forms and purposes and natures of the collective.

In all, this was rather a good start to the experiment, with strong and strange visual elements throughout it as well as marked synchronicities preceding and following it.

I do wonder what mischief those spiders might get up to, though.

¹ Cited as a common scribal error by Takato Kato in Corrected Mistakes in Cambridge University Library MS Gg.4.27 in Design and Distribution of Late Medieval Manuscripts in England, ed. Margaret Connolly, Linne R. Mooney. Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 2008.

² See Deuteronomy 11:15: ונתתי עשב בשדך לבהמתך ואכלת ושבעת. “I will provide grass in the fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be satisfied.”

³ With eleven being the Qaballistic ‘number of magic,’ this proved to be another pleasant coincidence.

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