Abramelin Experiment

After some successful experimentation with the magic squares of Book Four of the Book of Abramelin, I’ve decided to undergo a more structured series of visual quests centred around the thirty-nine squares that feature in Chapter Twenty-Seven and record them here.

This chapter specifically deals with making ‘all kinds of things appear.’ This is predominantly astral in nature, though observations should be kept in everyday life for synchronistic correspondences with the images worked with each day.

The work is simple in nature and adheres to the following instructions:

1. Craft the square the day before using it by writing the names onto the page of a pad of 5mm square-ruled paper.
2. Before bed that night, form the intent to use the square for the purpose designated to it the following day.
3. Be aware of any dreams or synchronicities before and after the work is performed
4. On performing the work itself, begin with a banishing rite of your choice then cut the square out of the pad.
5. A short, personal invocation of the Elemental Kings Oriens, Amaymon, Paymon and Ariton/Egin—who rule the operations of this chapter—is then performed, with the square in held in the hand, by facing each King’s respective directions— East, South, West and North—before returning to the East to perform the work.
6. With the square in your hand, or upon your head under a hood or cap, enter a meditative state with the intent of receiving the relevant visions. The state aimed for should be passive and receptive.
7. Results should then be recorded and analysed.
8. No closing banishing should be performed if one wishes to note any subsequent external synchronicities that may occur. Work on the next square two days later will involve a banishing in any case.
9. Repeat stages 1-8 the following day until the experiment is concluded on day seventy-eight, during which a final banishing should occur before midnight.

Each square and its associated properties will appear here in full along with the names of the specific servant spirits which can also be called upon to assist with the operation. To space the workings out and allow its synchronistic effects to be noted, a meditative working is carried out every other day over a total of seventy-eight days, with the first day being dedicated to making the square and forming the intent at night, before the meditation is done at one’s convenience the following day. The third day then repeats the actions of the first day for the next square and so on until day seventy-eight, when the experiment draws to a close.

The squares are powerful talismans which the Chiefs and their servants have sworn oaths to uphold the functions of. In my own experience, they are effective, simple tools, but come with warnings attached. Some have advised, for instance, that they should not be left lying around or visible to others as they are activated as soon as their form has been established without any need to consecrate or vivify by extraneous rites. Without banishing immediately afterwards, general feelings of oppression, paranoia, noticing objects moving by themselves, bad-temperedness, poor discipline, frightening dreams, visual phenomena such as seeing shapes or shadows moving, hearing noises such as whispers and breathing have all proved quite common in my own experience, as is the case with all other work involving spirits. Not only does the person performing the work notice such effects, but others who share the space they have been worked in may notice them, too. I’ve also noticed that the squares have the tendency to disappear out of sight, slip out of the pocket if being carried, or somehow become lost once they have served their purpose. If they don’t disappear, they should either be put somewhere secret or appropriately disposed of as one sees fit.

In this work, they are used to make the following things appear:

1. A beautiful lawn
2. A hunting party
3. A pumpkin
4. A beautiful garden
5. A beautiful palace
6. A rose garden
7. A big lake
8. A snow
9. A grape plant or grapes
10. A vineyard
11. Wild animals
12. Paddocks and fields
13. Farm buildings
14. A castle on a mountain
15. A mountain
16. Flowers
17. Bridges
18. A running spring
19. A village
20. All sorts of trees, also a forest
21. A lion
22. A wild cat
23. Cranes
24. Owls
25. Steers
26. Giants
27. Horses
28. Peacocks
29. Eagles
30. Bears
31. Buffaloes
32. Wild pigs
33. Dragons
34. Unicorns
35. Vultures
36. Foxes
37. Griffins
38. Rabbits
39. Dogs

Anyone wishing to follow suit and perform any or all of the astral meditations at any point is encouraged to communicate their findings in the comments.

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